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How to Write an About Us Page

In this tutorial I will show you:

Let’s jump right into it.

What is an ‘About Us’ Page?

An About Us page on a website is there to let people know who is behind the website and why the site was created.

With the About page we try to answer questions such as:

  • What is the intention behind your website?
  • What info are you trying to provide to your visitors?
  • How do you intend to help them?
  • Why should they trust you? What is your expertise?

For visitors to trust you, and trust the information you provide on your site you need to present your credentials. Meaning, they need to feel that you know what you are talking about.

Think of this as your brand page.

Try and find things to write about yourself or your team that convey you are an authority on the subject, or the niche of your website.

How to write an about us page

The layout of the About Us page is very simple.

It is mostly just written content, with Headings (H2, H3 and so on) and various paragraphs.

This is how I structure my About Page:

  • First I write a few paragraphs about me and my experience;
  • Next Section I mention why I created the site;
  • Then, I explain how the site can help visitors.
  • Finally I conclude with a call-to-action for visitors to help them navigate the site, i.e. Where to start from.
  • You can also add a link to the Contact page in here, asking visitors to contact you if they have any queries or suggestions to improve your site.

Whatever you write, however, make it a priority to try and be as honest as possible in this page.

Apart from helping visitors, this page can also validate your expertise in the eyes of Google and other search engines. In recent years Google has mentioned that they consider EAT (Expertise, Authority and Thrust) as a ranking factor.

About Us Page Examples

Feel free to check About us Page examples from some of your favorite websites, to get inspired.

Here are ten of my favorite ‘About Us/Me’ pages to help get you inspired.


About us Page Generator

There are also sites on the web that help you create the About Us page, aka, about us page generators.

A good, free, about us page generator tool is offered by Volusion.

This tool helps you create the initial template for your About Us page and then you can tweak and customize it to your liking.

About Us Page Images

I personally like putting an about me image within the page. In other words, a profile picture of myself so that visitors can put a face to the person behind the site.

Again putting an image of yourself and your team goes a long way in establishing trust with your visitors.

If you have a team of writers then it would also make sense to insert a short paragraph about each writer and a small image of them.

How to Build an About Us page on WordPress

In this section I will show you the process to set up your About page on WordPress.

From your WordPress Dashboard click on PAGES > NEW if you haven’t yet created the About page.

In the WP Gutenberg Edit screen insert the title. This can be About Us, or About Me if you are the only contributor to the website.

Note: For the URL of the page, I suggest you only include ‘About’. This is because if you start the site on your own and later it grows and you add a bigger team of writers and contributors, you will need to change it from about me to about us.

If you’re building your website following my my WordPress tutorials, then don’t forget to add the nometa tag for this Page. You can find this in the tags section on the right-hand settings column of this page.

This is so the Author Box and any other fixed elements we created for our other content pages do not show up in the About page. See this tutorial for more information.

For the first block I am going to choose a grid so that I can start typing the introduction on the left side and insert a picture of myself on the right side.

Click the + sign on the right side of the input screen and choose GRID. I chose a grid with 2 windows.

Grid block options in Generateblocks

Click on the left window and adjust the Container width to around 55.

Now click on the + sign in the container and choose the PARAGRAPH block icon. Here, start writing the intro to your About page.

On the right container of the grid, click on the + button and choose IMAGE. Insert an image of yourself.

Make the right container width at 45.

Now get back to writing paragraphs outside of the grid container.

Every time you press ENTER you create a new paragraph block. Remember to add frequent paragraphs and a few Headings in the mix so as not to have a long wall of text.

Feel free to add more images of yourself also to make it easier on the eyes.

Before you finish and click on the PUBLISH button, remember to check how it looks both on desktop and mobile. Adjust paddings and margins as necessary.

This is how mine looks.

About Page Ready. What Next?

Now that the About page is ready, let’s move on to our website legal pages. Remember these are required to help protect you from possible lawsuits and claims.

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