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WordPress Tutorials

These Tutorials will Show You How to Create Your Website Using WordPress

To start a website, you need three things:

  1. A Domain: this is the URL of your website. We cover how to buy a good domain for your site in the Domains Guide.
  2. Web Hosting: A website is made up of hundreds of files which have the code, the images, the content, etc). These files need to be hosted on a server somewhere, from where they are then shared with the world over the internet. That’s what Hosting Providers do. You pay to rent space on their web servers to store your website and make it accessible over the internet. Finding the right Hosting is the first guide in this Category.
  3. Content Management System (CMS): this is the user-friendly software that allows you to create and manage a website., without needing to code. I use the most powerful and popular CMS out there, which is WordPress.

Is WordPress Free?

Yes WordPress is an open source software and therefore it is completely free.

This is why this website creation tool is the most popular CMS in the world with millions of users. By creating your website on WordPress you are opening up to a multitude of related software, and resources to assist you in any future needs.

All the Tutorials below are based on WordPress.

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Using the WordPress Tutorials

I prepared these guides while building WPWebsiteWiki.com. So within the various tutorials you will see screen shots of this website being built. I made the guides very detailed so you can understand every step, with plenty of screen-shots for visual aid.

For those who are not completely new to WordPress, I have summaries in the beginning of each section that just mentions the action steps to follow. Depending on your familiarity with WordPress you might find these Action Steps to be enough for you to implement a process. If not you can go into the more detailed explanation.

List of Tutorials

Here’s the list of tutorials in chronological order following the steps you need to take to build your site.