About Me

Hi there, I’m Jon the creator of WPWebsiteWiki.com.

I am a Qualified Accountant by Profession, but a Digital Marketer at heart. Ever since I discovered how to build my own website, I never looked back.

I’ve been building my portfolio of websites for over 12 years and I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge and expertise over this period. Sure I made lots of mistakes and ruined quite a few of my sites but I see that as a Learning Curve that led me to where I am today.

Apart from learning-by-doing I have also attended various courses, some of which were total garbage, while others were priceless sources of information.

Jon WP Cropped

Over the years I concentrated on learning how to create WordPress sites and how to create the ideal content. I also attended a Domain Name investing and trading course which was quite interesting but not really my cup of tea.

The part I love the most must be the SEO strategies, however. From writing SEO content, to link building techniques and technical SEO. I find it all fascinating, and sometimes I spend hours discussing SEO with friends and on forums. Yes I know, you can call me a Geek.

Why Did I Create This Website?

As you can see, over the years I covered quite a bit of the whole spectrum around creating and monetizing websites.

The only problem was that I never documented my knowledge or my processes. It was all in my head, and I was fine with this until one day, my 8-year-old son asked me to teach him how to build a website.

I was thrilled that he was interested in following in my footsteps. I wanted to do it right and give him the best chance of success so that he doesn’t get disheartened.

So, that’s what I did. I sat down and started documenting my processes step-by-step.

In order to show him practical examples, however, I needed to actually build a website from scratch.

And that’s where the light bulb went off.

I decided to document my process on an actual website while at the same time building it and using it as a test-case for the guides themselves.

The rest, as they say, is History.

Slowly slowly, I kept adding more and more guides to the website and I started telling my friends and colleagues about it also, since some of them had been interested in learning too.

Turned out good for me also, since instead of repeating myself to various people who ask me questions, I can just point them to the site.

Eventually my son managed to create his first website when he turned 9, using the guides on WPWebsiteWiki.com. It was proof that the guides are easy to follow for everyone.

So, that’s it. This website and guides within it are there for anyone who can find them useful and benefit from some guidance. Hopefully they help you start with your first website or improve your technique.

Why am I sharing my processes?

Well, I would say, Why Not? since I had to do it anyway for my kids (I’m hoping my daughter will get interested soon!!) then why not share my processes with the rest of the world.

Karma Points for me 🙂

Hope you get some benefit form my site. If you have any suggestions or queries please feel free to contact me here.

Are you ready to start your first website? Trust me, by following my guides it will be a peace of cake. I can guarantee that you can have your first website up and running in a matter of days.

Where to start from?

It depends on whether you still have to buy your domain name. In that case. I can show you how to go about choosing and buying a domain name for your site.

If you already have a domain in hand then you can start immediately by following these WP Guides.

Good Luck

BTW: If you do build you own sites with the help of these guides, please take a moment to share your site with me. I would be thrilled to know that I managed to help someone out there. You would really make my day.